How did you get your name?


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I got mine because I am a princess. Everything I own says princess on it. Even the tattoo on my foot. So one day my bf says "how come all this stuff in your car says princess?" . I said "everything in my room says princess too" and he asks "why?". I said "beacause I am a princess," and he says "yeah of darkness." Most boards cannot fit Princess of Darkness, so I shortened it too DarkPrincess.

That's my story.


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My mom gave me my name :retard:

Oh, you mean my username?

Well, I'm fury because I'm furious.

Rumor has it there is also a being called "flurffy" roaming the internet, whose rage is boundless and infinite... he has a black heart and no compassion for humans. Nobody who has been the target of his anger has ever made it out alive, and consequently nobody EVER tries to cross him...

be aware if you ever see him, stay on your feet and keep a sharp eye out, because you never know when he will unleash his built-up frustration and rage.

you'll know he's coming when you hear the call:


sorry, I've got to stop now... I'm getting chills down my spine just thinking about it.


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I am named after a shrub.

I think Krusty is just a general physical description of the guy.

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It's a bit long: When I was choosing a nick to put in all forums(already had one in HWC but din't like that) I decide it would have to be a portuguese name that could fit in my origins (<- see I'm brazilian :D) and I would be able to use it in local forums too. But it would have to be soundly, look well. So I remembered this childish thing. You have ,sometime when you was a child, pretended you were a knight? Yeah me too. I really don't remember what was the name of my character, but my horse was called Noite Escura, that in english means "Dark Night"(Noite = Night).
I heard it before the term it has to do with some kind of ritual of passage for witches :eh:
BTW, my new avatar fits better with my name don't you think?


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My name is Duckman, Duckman with a "D", or actually Ph Loveology...yep...that's me;)

Need I say more??


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For the first three months a my current job all I did was rebuild fuser assemblies. I've always used Rikman as my use name but it was taken on one site so Fuser Man was born.


I got mine from my brother, he got the word Outlaw tatooted underneath his left tit and I thought that was cool. I then started to use that name for my handle on the TEN network where I played Magic the Gathering ...that was about 5 years ago. My brothers handle is Outlaw65 and I'm correspondes with out birthdates.


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Originally posted by PostCode

Need I say more?

Well the unenlightened Windoze users might need an explanation... I'm just curious... of all the possible Linux services/daemons why did you pick PostCode in particular?

Mine is easy. I am an amateur winemaker. I have made wine continuously for the last 8 - 9 years although I made my first bottle in 1973 while in Jr. High (still have one too). I have competed at the Indy International and Los Angeles County fair winning awards from Bronze medal to Best of Show. I give away lots of wine that I make to family and friends so when I signed up on AOL when it first came out Wine4all was my screen name. I have used several different ISP's since but have always used the Wine4all alias.


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at a party, someone yelled "G..G..Gonzo" & I yelled "whato"-need I say more?:cool:


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Actually my answer is so freakin' boring I'm gonna post it just to show you how boring it is. wdeep was my first IBM user id, many many many years ago. See, I told ya it was boring... :D


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Originally posted by unclehobart
Too long and perverted to tell in less than 2 hours of typing.

it sounds scary-the whole "old uncle" thing-stay away from our children you perv:smash: :laugh: :lol:


this is my special title
More of a 'drunken party coupled with vandalism' thing ... but I aught to stay away from the kiddies in any case. :retard: