Are you using one, which one, and why?

I started with the Palm Treo 600, then the 650. I really thought they would be the shit for a long time. Hp ruined that.

Then iPhone up to the 4s. I liked it for a long time but I didn't feel the upgrades were going anywhere for me. Hate the io7 look so in April this past year I switched.

Nokia Lumia 1520 Windows Phone 8.1. So far this thing has been my favorite. Business wise it flows with Office365 so well & OneDrive I use it like a tablet all day long. Then when I finally get on the laptop everything I've done is already there. iCloud was never that fast, but I didn't use office on the iPhone. Unfair comparison probably. I like the media apps better, but have ran into a few nags with apps not fully developed yet.

Haven't used android. The employees I have that do always have problems, I think its them not the phone. And I don't like Chrome, so I just never tried it.


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iphone 5s i0s 7 (7 broke so many things I'm afraid to upgrade to 8)


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It wouldn't be so bad if the unionized pinheads we give them to were in the least bit good employees. We supply them with the toughest protective cases on the market; Otterbox Defender. They don't use it. They see someone with a newer model ... they want it. To the point where they'll either lie about having a problem (which I have to prove isn't real) or they'll actually damage their old phone (which I have to fix). And then they'll bitch about a scratch on the lens when we send them a replacement for the phone they dropped in a toilet!!!


Forgot this is how big my phone is vs an iPhone, if you've never seen it.

Now that I'm used to it I cant go back, my age is starting to tell on me.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Duos since march, last year. Didn't opt for larger models because I wanted one that could fit well in the pocket. Before had a Nokia 701 DTV running Symbian Belle. That thing was cheap as hell and had everything I had now, plus Digital TV. Too bad Symbian got discontinued and has little support in the end. I still use it as my alarm clock :D

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Used that S4 Mini for 2 years then changed to S5 Neo that got stolen in a Coldplay Gig in November. Using a Galaxy A5 2017 for 2 months ans hating it. Only 2 small acidents and the Glass is already shattered in pieces. A crack goes exactly above the front camera turning that thing useless :mad:
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