Yes, they do give a damn...


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We are becoming more and more united to stamp this terrorism off the face of our earth. BD

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Yes we most certainly do give a damn.
Many countries, including mine, have had to live with the constant threat of terrorism for decades but this has shocked and enraged even those most hardened to it.
During the three minute silence the whole of Britain stopped. I was driving to work at the time and all of the cars pulled over to the side of the road, everyone got out and just stood there with their heads bowed, the silence was incredible, such sadness. :cry:
So please don't think that you stand alone in your outrage and grief, most of the world shares the same feelings. . .

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I can't even put in to words how it makes me feel to see the emotion and compassion from people all over the world. As far as I can imagine it is the only good thing to come out of this horrible tragedy. I'm sure it's something the terrorists never counted on.
I cried when I saw the tape of the changing of the guard when the Queen instructed the band to play the US national anthem. What a simple, yet so very generous thing to do.
I have read accounts of entire countries all over the world stopping in their tracks to observe of moment of silence.
If there is any comfort for the victims and the families of the victims, it is the comradarie of the good and kind people from all over this planet.


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There have been a great many tears shed on this side of the Atlantic too, it's shaken the foundations of the civilised world, no-one is unaffected.
Even though it looks like around 300 British people died in the WTC attack, the fact that over 5000 PEOPLE died is what has shocked us and our sympathy lies with the American people, the target of this despicable and cowardly attack. :(