Thanksgiving in the US


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381 years ago, the religious right landed on an unimpressive piece of real estate, later called Plymouth Rock. 44 (?) people who had already left the UK for Holland because of religious persecution from the King decided they wanted to have true freedom. So, for about 110 days they sailed to the New World(order?).

Upon landing, they realized their travel agent made a mistake. It was friggin' winter in Massachusetts. They missed FL by about 2200 miles. Almost half died that winter, including the Governors wife. The following spring, the seemingly indigenous people showed them some of the local secrets; catching fish, planting for the local environment, etc. They built a small colony & decided summer wasn't as bad as winter, so they stayed. In the fall, having had a rather bountiful harvest, they decided to share with the locals. They hunted "all the birds they could kill" & a few days later, went out to "kill 5 deer". They all feasted & were fat & happy. The end. It was not a tradition to have turkey & dressing & yams & all that good stuff until much later. (after the US had become independent, later) Our current system (4th Thursday in Nov) went into affect about 1931.

Interestingly enough, the first few seasons in MA were a grand experiment in socialism. All families were given a plot of land to farm & they proceeds went into a shared pot. They grew more than was needed & sold the rest. It didn't work. The probable best farmers did little more than they had too & the lesser farmers did what they could. Then, the Governor decided to try capitalism. Allowing those who did the best to prosper more than those who had bad years. That worked much better. Still does.

Happy Thanksgiving


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Going to have to take a few pictures of the table once it's set. Missy cooks up a hell of a dinner.



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Thank god this is one day I can gourge myself silly!

Have a safe and happy one all!