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we got a voucher for up to $5k from the Subaru dealer that i bought my WRX and she bought her Forester from so i decided to go check out the STi's. i was hoping that, with the voucher and my trade-in, i'd be sitting in a new car soon. it wasn't meant to be this time out. they low-balled me on the trade-in and didn't take a lot off the sticker price (no, i wasn't suprised at that)
anyway, i got to take one of those beasts out for a test drive. those cars boarder on stupid-fast. pulled out of the dealer and looked at the speed, i was over 60 and was only in 3rd with 3 gears to go. took it out on the interstate and it wound up to 100 with no effort what-so-ever and still had a gear to go. :eek2:
Diana would not like being in that car with me unless i got a right side brake installed.
i have wanted one of these since they first announced their intention of selling them here. now i REALLY want one. if there is anything that will get me to work a 2nd job, this is it.
unless of course someone has a couple of grand they aren't using.... ;)
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Professur said:
You realize that little 2.5L is rated at 300 horse????? JESUS H Christ

and 300 lb/ft of torque too. :D
my WRX corners like its on rails. i didn't get to drive the STi in any twisties, but with the suspension/brake upgrades, it must be a LOT of fun...


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Scary as hell, you mean. I had a 1.8l Loyale, and that thing spun up as fast as any V6 I've driven.