Still considering Windows XP?



I wouldn't mind switching to XP, because I think it is a better os than Me which I am currently using. However, I don't want to spend money on an os this time of year, so if I'm still interested next spring maybe then I'll buy it.


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Yeah I saw an article pitting WinXP & OfficeXP against Win2k & Office 2k.. 2k came out on top in every single test.
THe only reason I can think of for upgrading to XP at the moment is that I need to know it for the people that are calling up with problems who are using it..

.. but screw them!! :D


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XP is basically just a skinnable 2k with a new user account system, a bit faster startup, and a lockable taskbar. And a lot more bundled MS software. What could be so different? :rolleyes:

I'm back to 2k and I've noticed it is a lot smoother than XP ever ran after installing SP2, the latest critical updates, and IE6. The startup isn't as bad as I originally thought. I clocked it in at 38 seconds from "Starting Windows 2000" to the desktop on my T-bird 1.33 w/ 512 megs of ram.