Sorry for being absent

Noite Escura

The unpredictable
I'm in dealings to acquire myself an apartment in Porto Alegre, closer to my job. It's in overhaul right now, so I've been living with Carol in Canoas, in the meantime. If everything goes well we may be moving this month to our new home. Other reason I've not been online lately is that their puting a firm grip on us at work. Nothing is blocked yet, but they are watching closely, so i will refrain from posting there. I only come to Campo Bom once a week right now, and it's when i can check some of my e-mails and forums.
Just stoped to say hi people! :wave:
Don't drink all the beer without me.


Mushroom at large
I picked up an 'international' case of beer, which included some Brahma beer. I've drank tape water with more flavour. I think I'll leave all the Brazilian beer for you, dude ... no matter how long you take.

Noite Escura

The unpredictable
Dude, Brazilian beers suck major time. And among them Brahma is one of the worst. Lucky for us southerners the border with Uruguay is close. Norteña all the way baby :headbang:
BTW we've been living in Porto Alegre since Jun, 23. Our home is still incomplete, the kitchen and living room need some stuff, but the 3 hours of time I gain every day are priceless...