SoftWare Question!!!


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Has anybody come across this...ÿÿÿÿèøû ; an unidentifiable program trying to access the internet from within your system??!!

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Using the exact same thing you put in "ÿÿÿÿèøû" I could find nothing, either on the web or in assorted newsgroup searches. Make a back-up & toss it.:eh:


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Thanks for the responses!
I scanned and it does not show up as a virus.

Just a quick background on this situation:
Today, my firewall reported that this application{ ÿÿÿÿèøû } was looking to access the internet. I did not allow it and then: surprise!!! I had problems establishing my normal internet cable connection!
Anyway, after the first rebooting (and others after that one)
everything appears normal!!... hence... here I am.
Thanks for throwing an ear my way, guys!:beerchug:


Im not sure which firewall youre using but ZoneAlarm often screws up its programs database.

If you need to clear it delete all files in the "Internet Logs" folder located in your system folder.


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I'm guessing it was probably one of those odd errors that occurs when your system runs out of GUI resources.