Man that worm is sure making the rounds


Holla if you hear me!
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Dear mister,

Unfortinately we must inform You that in Microsoft program equipment,
Microsoft Internet Explorer v 6 our experts of security and developement
department have found a new critical vulnerabilty. It allows hackers to
exploit your system, upload virus or trojan through the Internet, in general
known as bad-source program, set up it and steal some information, which can
be valueble.

To prevent a such situation, we strongly recommend you to update you
Microsoft Internet Explorer v 6. Please download our patch. It may save
you from fraud and make you and us sure that hackers wouldn't exploit you
Microsoft Windows.

We are sorry for inconvenience a hope you understand that there is a real
chance of damaging your computer.

Your faithfully,
Diana Bernwood,

Microsoft corporation, security and development department, post office.
© 2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Can I get a big :rolleyes: ? You think Microsoft could afford spell checking and decent English skills...Bill must be slipping.