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[quoteurl=http://www.intelligentx.com/newsletters/entertainment/articles/story_ent4_010703.cfm]J. Lo Heart-broken to Watch Lover Ben Die
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JENNIFER LOPEZ insisted scenes on new movie GIGLI were re-shot, because she couldn't bear watching co-star and fiancé BEN AFFLECK die on screen.

The pair were rumored to be furious when producers called them back to the set to remake the film' closing scenes.

But Hollywood sources now claim it was Lopez who demanded the re-shoot.

The source tells British tabloid the DAILY STAR, "The pair of them were spotted arguing and people thought it was because they were having to re-shoot. The truth couldn't be more different.

"Jennifer wanted the film re-shot because she couldn't bear Ben dying on-screen.

"It's amazing really, but she pleaded with the studio to get the scriptwriters to change the ending. In the end, they decided that what she wants she would get and they wrote in a happier ending."

Gigli is the story of a Los Angeles hitman, played by BOUNCE actor Ben, who thinks he has found himself the perfect job. But after a failed kidnap attempt, Ben's character thinks things can only get worse until he meets J.Lo's character who has been sent to lend a helping hand.

The original ending saw Ben's character shot in front of Jen, but this has been changed after the sensitive actress broke down in tears when she watched the scene. [/quoteurl]


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