How did you find your way to Xibase


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I was tortured, whipped, and raped by (names removed to protect the guilty) until I pledged my total and complete loyalty to xibase :eek: :D


Actually I was invited by David Hasselhoff if I remember correctly... :lol:


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Whos your father? is he also on the board?

PS check your PM's

Fuser Man

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The day JJR's went down I searched the pit of the WWW and found this place. (I remember seeing it on Krusty's sig in JJR's)


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I was invited here by brainsoft WAY back in the day, when this site was owned by sin2. It was like the first month of the site's existence.

Stop Laughing

it isn't that funny!
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I've known about this place pretty much since I joined JJR's, but didn't join until recently, I just kind of lurked once in a while. Getting rid of FuseTalk really boosted this place, plus you caught JJR's on a bad day. ;)

Noite Escura

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I just follow a link in sin2's sig in HWC. I kept lurking as well for several months :lurk: , and only registered after the change to UBB.