Going electric ... maybe


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I've got a bid in for an old golf cart that the company has. If I can get it ...... Anyone here ever gotten a speeding ticket in a golf cart?


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What's the top speed?

The speed limit in my trailer park is 10 mph, and there was a letter posted a while back that they're going to enforce that because the park manager's cat got hit by a car. Never mind that the park rental agreement I had to sign says no animals off a leash. Anyway, the letter threatened us with a citizen's arrest and police involvement and told us to narc on our neighbors who might be speeding. So if you speed in my trailer park with your golf cart you might find yourself subject to a pain in the ass.


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Haven't seen it with a full charge yet. Probably a good thing since the brakes are done and the throttle linkage sticks if you push it past half way.

but I'm not planning on leaving it stock if I get it. Plenty of tutorials on the web on how to bump up the speed. Need to get it before winter, tho, if I want to get anything done on it.


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We had a golf cart at the trailer park where we used to camp. It was awesome. My dad got an awesome deal on it.