Burning Board it is


Perverted Penguin
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After fscking with phpBB for a bit then WoltLabs Burning Boards, I've decided to stick with Burning Board as the main forum software. I've got the portals for it installed as well. The boards are located here:

And the portals mainpage is located here:

The fugly yellow stuff has got to go and the colors of the boards need to be redone as well, but right now I am trying to work on the navigation of the board and portal together as one. I think the longest chore will be the redoing of all the images for the board. There's a crap load and I've got to redo each idividual one in Photoshop. Anyway, tell me what you think. SOme idea and such. I've gotta figure out how to integrate the current site's data, i.e., post codes, beep codes, and misc tables into the site for easy viewing.


There are some button sets and templates already done if you look around this board: http://www.wbbhacks.com/main.php?styleid=4&sid=6f61bfdb6adb2be62a2bffe7d1d6e43e

This is the main board for hacks. Be careful making changes to the templates. Save your old ones before getting too experimental to make sure there are no errors. I usually back up a file each time before making a change to it.

There is a template where you can make BB look just like phpBB. I also have have a Vbulletin template set lying around somewhere.

Here is a Burning Board that looks pretty good: http://www.beachfinders.com/forum/main.php