Discussion in 'Hardware' started by systembuilder, Sep 24, 2005.

  1. :clap: hello all it been a hell of a year for me :banghead: been so dam bizzy
    trying to keep my comp shop open (dam wal-mart)

    :banghead: well today i had to close my doors, moving all my stuff into my home :blank: just cant offer high end comp for $300.00

    i am posting this on all forums so i dont miss anyone who may have one of my systems tech support will still continue just go to my web site and email me ok thx
  2. HomeLAN

    HomeLAN Bumbling Idiot Staff Member

    I feel your pain, man. I haven't done a system build in two years. It's all repair or, more likely, undoing a user fuckup.

    Sorry you had to fold it up.
  3. Neo

    Neo Administrator Staff Member

    I know how ya feel too, i havent built a whole system for anyone in almost a year now... I just cant do it as cheap as the big guys.
    On the otherhand guilding a pimped out gaming rig or desktop/cad machine i can still do for now.
  4. BigDadday

    BigDadday Everday People

    It is cheaper to buy a new one than to build one and a shame as well BUT can you build a laptop I wonder??BD
  5. Neo

    Neo Administrator Staff Member

    Actually you can. Its nice but very costly as well.
  6. BigDadday

    BigDadday Everday People

    Figures but it is a thought to make the one YOU want and if it is then it would possibly outweigh the price.I hope!

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