Being Naked


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So, how comfy are you with being naked? My friend KC is a little to comfy with it. We were at a party the other night and she was running in the rain with just her panties on.

I don't mind showing my piercings and stuff, but I dunno...


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At home, when it's really hot, I will usually be in some state of undress. I don't mind that all the blinds and windows are open but my neighbors might!

I wouldn't be naked out of the house though. :eek:


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you can usually find me walking around the house in my bra ... it's too damn hot sometimes in Hawaii. :D


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I have been trying for the better part of 4 months to try and get Lissa to show me her piercings...... :cry:


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Being naked doesn't bother me in the slightest. I might bother others having to look at me, tho.


Fookie you fookie meh
no i dont run around nekkid like you damn animals

..not in front of my parents anyway:D


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I show everyone my piercings. My ex used to get really mad whe I did that. Oh well.

Anyway...last night I was really trashed and it was hot in my house so I ran around in my undies and a wife beater that belongs to a 6'5 jock. So needless to say, it was like a dress on me. :)


A white tanktop sorta. it's tighter.

if some girl wanted to run naked in front of me, i wouldn't mind the slighest ;)

and ya. i don't believe you either. prove it :D


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I don't mind being nekkid, I am comfortable walking around the house nekkid if I am alone or if only brainsoft is here.


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DP - honey... I thought you had a daughter...?? I think I must do some history searching, I must have my people here all mixed up!!