Another one bites the dust


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Sad news today, as we've lost another one. is closing up shop and calling it a day. The announcement was planned for a little later than now, but with the recent DB server crash it looks like Gary (the owner) decided to go ahead an announce it now. Here is an interview with the announcement.

"We tried the PayPal route, but the results were disappointing to say the least. (While some were very supportive, it's was a small minority). As the revenue dried up we had to cut costs which meant letting more people go. With you, Aurora and Redwood being let go, our readership pretty much dried up. It has reached the point where it really isn't worth while keeping the site active. We still have equipment we have to maintain and rack fees for our co-host. I kept the site up probably longer than I should have from a business standpoint, but its reached its limit.
We could focus on our LAN center, which brings in actual real money and has gotten a lot of attention from the business community, or we could struggle to keep our head above water trying to run a "news" website."

Dammit! :cry2:


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Its getting bad man. kinda like Darwin's theory about "only the strong survive" except its he who has the money will survive.
I posted a nice read about the dotcom closings in 2001. check it out on the front page.


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my 2cents worth

the internet is no longer the exciting & new thing to do & it is becoming what the actual intentions were-an information trade zone. Since computers permeate such a large number of households and work locales, with the remaining percentages uninterested, it is now *gasp* commonplace.

good or bad-you decide