Whats your ride?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Fuser Man, Jul 17, 2001.

  1. 96 neon

    and 2000 Alero, like picture but red.

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  2. Kruz

    Kruz Moderator Staff Member

    Hey BD
    My brother is a buick nut.. he has a 98 Regal GS.. and a 86 Grand National......
  3. texashoney

    texashoney New Member

    Mine is a 2001 Dodge Ram King Cab in Patriot Blue. Hubby has a duplicate of it only in Burgundy and Gray. Give me my Dodge anyday.
  4. BigDadday

    BigDadday Everday People

    Just watch the rear view mirror tho!:D:smash: :smash: :smash: :smash:
  5. BigDadday

    BigDadday Everday People


    I see your bro also has good taste as well:)
  6. trinity1

    trinity1 1 of 3

    I think I'll wait..

    'till I see this puppy on the road.

  7. Q

    Q stepmosnter Staff Member

    Whoa, what is that?? Batmobile by Cadillac? :eek:
  8. flavio

    flavio superfly Staff Member

    This is what my ride looks like:


    minus the shark.

    I'm looking for another commute vehicle now for under since my 89 Integra got hit. Trying to find another Integra or Prelude for under $4000.
  9. Fuser Man

    Fuser Man blah, blah, blah

    Here's what I want for my next car.

    The pic I loaded was cut off so see below.
  10. Fuser Man

    Fuser Man blah, blah, blah

    Here it is

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  11. Q

    Q stepmosnter Staff Member

    I kinda like the shark, is he an option?
  12. jopes

    jopes Your Nightmare

    The other one I decided against.

    But this one is definate. I am pickin her up after the smog check tommarrow afternoon!


    [edit: shrunk image -krusty]
  13. Q

    Q stepmosnter Staff Member

    HEY!!! where is the pic of the other side?? The one where the back bumpers crooked and the tailgates kinda smashed in? I noticed those same defects in a lot of the sheep lately....I detect a trend :D
  14. jopes

    jopes Your Nightmare

    Krusty you bastard! ;)
  15. tko97

    tko97 Cocaine Superhero

    My ride?
    The bus :cry:
  16. jopes

    jopes Your Nightmare

    Much better picture than the last one!

  17. krusty

    krusty Guest

    too sexy for words jope's... *dry humps monitor*
  18. jopes

    jopes Your Nightmare

    Figures Krusty.

    you were always a dry type a whore! :p
  19. 75renegade

    75renegade Official Wine Taster

    My daily is an '86 Astro with a "Jeep" plate on the front bumper.
    Most a y'all 'ave 'eard 'bout my "girlfriend".........(from Cleveland,OH), '75 C-J5. Factory AMC 304 with a few added touches like Heddman headers, 4" lift, custom bumpers an' brushbar, front floods, etc. Jus' completed a brake sys. conversion, from drums to discs an' hope to get my 8000 lb. Ramsey winch mounted this winter!:D
    Ya can see 'er in the picture posted in gallery, behind my youngins an' me.:)
  20. saltedeggman

    saltedeggman New Member

    2001 Nissan Xterra XE V6
    2001 Lexus IS300

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