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You heard it here first...

Discussion in 'Libations & Celebrations' started by unclehobart, Nov 7, 2003.

  1. unclehobart

    unclehobart this is my special title

    After 5 1/2 months of Atkins dieting.. with some cheating for sanity, 5 miles of running/hiking, and 2 hours in the gym(the last 2 months only) 5-6 times a week...

    I have finally hit the sub 200 pound level. I got on the scale this morning and did a doubletake because it said 199.6. I only thought the scale did measures on a .5 pound system... but apparently that was only for the 200+ realm. Seeing a .2 scale measurement threw me off.

    That was my third 'pipe dream' goal that I thought I would never reach inside of a year and a half... but there it is... and in rather speedy form to boot at about 3.5 pounds a week. Almost too unhealthily fast I must say.

    Now I need a new goal. I don't know wether to base it on body measurement, sculpting, raw weight, or clothes size.

    When I started, I weighed in the high 270 range. I was a XXXL pushing close to a 4XL. Just yesterday I bought my first L shirt. I guess that would roughly translate to about 16 inches lost across the chest and 19 across the gut. I've also lost a good 3-4 inches in the neck and god knows how much off of each leg. I don't recognize myself anymore. I've already gone from not having any clothes to wear, to breaking out all of my mothballed clothes that didn't fit anymore, to putting those clothes back into the box because they are now too large. :D Now I seriously have no clothes to wear and don't want to get into buying too many as I still have another 25~ pounds to go before I am lean and mean. I can't wait to buy a pair of 'painted on' jeans.

    Strangely enough, I feel fatter now at 200 than I did when I weighed 300.

    For reference, I haven't been sub 200 since I was probably 11~ years old.
  2. Huge

    Huge Holla if you hear me! Staff Member

    Good for you. I need to do that...
  3. kuulani

    kuulani New Member

    :clap: I'm so happy for you, albeit a tad jealous ;) *realizing that you & I can now fit in the same clothes*

    i'm seriously considering doing the atkins thing after i give birth, a lot of my friends and family swear by it ... any tips?
  4. Squiggy

    Squiggy New Member

    Sounds great unc. Has to feel really good, eh? :D
  5. unclehobart

    unclehobart this is my special title

    It feels good in that general endurance is up, sweating is way down, headaches are manageable, and blood pressure has fallen. I miss the hell out of creaming my tea and gooey pizza.

    Ku'u, I'll offer my advice when I get there. It at least gives me an excuse for face time with you and a reason to blabbermouth nonstop. I need to get a feel for where you were before any kids, where you ended up about 6 months after your fist birth, activity level, core diet, and splurge tidbits that fall outside of meals, and the general availability and cost of certain foods, allergies, time constraints of a busy life, vitamin regimens, other possible supplements.

    I can tell you what worked for me ... but that certainly wouldn't be your plan. There are some things you may not be able to live under... such as, I have had only 10 beers in the last 6 months.
  6. kuulani

    kuulani New Member

    10 beers in the last 6 months? that's more than I've had ... seeing as I've been pregnant for 7 :p

    anywho ... you'll probably have more face time with me than you bargained for ... seeing as the wall between our houses are so thin that our families can hear each other through it.
  7. unclehobart

    unclehobart this is my special title

    I'll try to keep the screaming and hair pulling to a dull roar then. Expectant mommies need their peace and quiet after all.
  8. Professur

    Professur Mushroom at large

    They have clinics for people like you, you sick, demented bastard.
  9. nalani

    nalani blahblahphreakingblah

    <---- has had 10 beers in the last 6 days

    umm... the most important thing is that our bedrooms are on opposite sides of the houses though :D
  10. Gonzo

    Gonzo Infinitesimally Outrageous Staff Member

    Now, go get yourself married so you can get fat again :D
  11. Noite Escura

    Noite Escura The unpredictable

    Way to go Unc :thup:
  12. Nixy

    Nixy Administrator Staff Member

    Good job Unc!!

    You're goign to Hawaii??? Do tell!!!

    Ku'u! I didn't realize it was 7 months already!!! WOWIE!
  13. leslie

    leslie New Member

    that's great to hear unc, good for you!

    I hope you're gonna go shoppin before the big trip...I don't think they wanna see you wearin a barrel :D
  14. unclehobart

    unclehobart this is my special title

    Yes, I am going to Hawaii in December over the christmas/new years gap.

    Les, I've bought 4 pairs of jeans over the last 6 weeks (10$ Wal-Mart specials :)) so that I would have: a) something that would kind of fit and b) something a bit warmer for winter. I have one pair of jeans that 'fit' and 3 that are in various stages of bulky loose... all I can say is 'thank god for belts.' They are a lifesaver. My shirts are a bit nuttier. I have them all the way from XXXL, XXL, XL, and L... and no 2 manufacturers seem to cut them the same way. All I can do for the huge ones are to just tuck them into my pants and try to smooth them out and scoot the bulkiness towards the small of my back. At least half of the XXXL shirts still qualify as work grade shirts... so theres no need to be slick or cool with them. I guess I could splurge and acquire some more shirts for the short run ... but pants... nah... I will hold off a bit longer. I kinda want to save my clothes budget until I get out to SigZanes place where I been mail ordering my shirts from. At least I should be able to see several undisclosed offereing and at least be able to try them on first. The darn things are expensive. I would hate to get something that turned out to be wrong.
  15. catocom

    catocom Machinehead

    Geez unc, you weigh less that I do now.:hmm:
    I hope noone around here sees this post. :D
  16. fury

    fury Administrator Staff Member

    Congrats you skinny little bastard... I wanna weigh that much. Well, I could live with 225 seeing how I'm 6'4".
  17. unclehobart

    unclehobart this is my special title

    My drummer is 6'6 and currently at 245 looking to get down to 210. 225 @ 6'4 should be a decent enough place to settle out. All it takes is months of stubborn denial and exercise.

    Scott... Don't worry about... after all, aren't you like 6'1? You're supposed to be heavier. I'm only 5'10 1/2. That means I should be settling out in the 180~ range... if not less.
  18. Inkara1

    Inkara1 New Member

    Seeing as how I'm 5'10", I guess I'll just pretend the scale didn't say 243.5 last time I was on it. :(
  19. unclehobart

    unclehobart this is my special title

    Don't worry, Ink. It seems that the babes are all over you anyway. The heavier you get, the more they fly their moths tighter to the flame.
  20. leslie

    leslie New Member

    *feeling abnormally little*

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