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Discussion in 'Software' started by NEWMAN, Oct 15, 2001.


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    I'm looking for a quick fix and easy install if Liunx. Yes I like many others have become tied of Microsofts Bull Sh*t :mad: and would like to serve from another OS. I have been told that Red hat is the best, but its expensive! what about SuSus is this any good for a linux distrib? :confused:
  2. Neo

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    Why not just download it for free? Mandrake, redhat, redmond,
    suse, and caldera are all good distro's. Give each a whirl and see which you prefer...

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    OMG really!

    Ok ok so how do I get that? would you be able to help me with the install, dose it come with an install? Where can I down load it.
  4. fury

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    www.redhat.com would be a good place to look

    it's generally best to download the ISO version and burn it to a couple CDs (if I remember correctly, RH7 is 2 cds large)

    insert the first CD and it'll walk you through the installation. It requires some knowledge of computers, but is not really too bad. You might have to have anywhere from 800 megs to 2 gigs of free space to install it depending on the packages you install with it.

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    Ok ok

    So this little effort would cos me more to down load 600mb than to buy the package :retard: ANy other suggestions, mybe I can get the linux cirnal installed
  6. Huge

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    RH7.1 works great on my lappy, though I need to find a good book for it.
  7. PostCode

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    First and foremost your going to need access to a CDRW. If this is possible, then jump on over to LinuxISO.org and download the images for RedHat there. There are three disks for the 7.1 distribution. Your going to need at least the first two. The third disk is the Powertools disk and contains many third party programs. I recommend it simply because of the amount of stuff on it.

    If you don't have a CDRW or access to one, let me know. I'll burn you a copy here and send it to you. Or, if you wnat another distribution, let me know.

    NEWMAN Live GEEK Radio

    WOW you would do that for me!

    How much you want! $$ wize I mean contact me on email :) and I'll give you the address to send them too :p
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    So newman what did you decide? you have got to keep us up to date....:D
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  11. NEWMAN

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    Oh my gosh, ok Linux

    I have installed a RH7.1 on my New Server box. Well it was fun and wasn't as easy as the box said. (oh i got a free copy from a geek friend who works at a local ISP), any how, at the moment, Is only connected to the local network. So so windows can't find the :scared: ip on port 80 to the machine don't come up with apache like i installed, well I think that I installed. :sick: It was a long night and still it did not work, ok it worked local in the K desktop, so why not over the network. Ok your thinking is it plugged in, yes the network cards there (i think) the software found it on install, so what now .... :cry2: I'm gonna blow a vain soon if this ges any harder ....
  12. Professur

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    I wonder if he ever got it working? I've been having fun with PClinuxOS run straight off a CD, no install at all. Detects everything on a P4 laptop.

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