W00T! Oakland A's set all-time AL win streak record!

Stop Laughing

it isn't that funny!
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Wow, the A's won 20 in a row! It takes the Cubs almost 2 months to win that many!

BTW, one more to tie the 1935 Cubs record of 21 consecutive wins, and the all time record of consecutive games without a loss (which is different because this streak included a tie, Bud Selig's family was probably involved :D) are the 1926 Giants with 26 straight. Their next 3 games are in Minnesota, while are a great team have already been swept once during this streak and need a huge streak of their own if they want home field in the first round, and then they go to Anaheim who are still very much in the Wild Card and Division race; if they do make it to 26, it'll be on Sept. 11.

Here's a page with a whole bunch of stats about the streak and a little blurb on each game.