The things you think when you do nothing...

Noite Escura

The unpredictable
I was wondering yesterday: where the hell those muslims get the american flags to burn? Perhaps they manufacture them only to burn or are they made in US and sold to them by someone :hmm:


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Flags are made everywhere so they don't necessarily buy American flags. Either way, capitalism at it's finest-never ending supply & demand. :D

It's kind of like buying a CD by a performer you hate just to destroy it.


Why don't gay guys hang out with fat fugly women. They're taking up my time (with the hot women, of course).


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Hmmm. There's an industry for ya. Start making and selling asbestos flags. That would really piss off the radicals.


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flavio said:
I was wondering the other day why they never use cheese in Chinese food.

Because there society dating back thousands of years, enver had cheese, they had tofu, which is a type of cheese mixture


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habaneroman said:
I was wondering why nobody ever comes here anymore?
Cause they're bastards... BASTARDS, I tell ya!