Poor photography on a snowboarding trip


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I went snowboarding with a buddy last weekend and he bought a new digicam on the way up. Unfortunately the stores didn't have a battery/AC adapter to go with it so he was forced to use AA batteries. In order to save power he didn't use the LCD screen and thus ended up with some strange pictures.

He wanted to get a couple action shots so to start with I jumped off the rock below. I started the jump approximately at the "X" and landed around the "Y". He was having some trouble timing the shots without the LCD, but if you look you can see some snow I kicked up right beefore I left the frame :D

Here's another dubious "action shot" of me doing another jump! I just might have been in this picture if his finger wasn't in front of the lens. :grin:

Here's a picture of me taking a beer break, my buddy is unaware that his lens has fogged up. :laugh:

Here he does a little better with a decent shot of some mountains

the road

and view out the windshield