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    <p>&nbsp;<font SIZE="4"><b></p>

    <p ALIGN="CENTER">Personal Favor Application Form</b></font><font SIZE="2"></p>


    <p>All persons aspiring to take delivery of a personal favor from
    ____________________________, &quot;The Desired Favor Performer,&quot; are required to
    submit this form, in quadruplicate, no fewer than 48 hours prior to the desired point in
    time where the personal favor, if approved, may or may not occur.</font><font SIZE="3"></p>

    <p>&nbsp;</font><font SIZE="2"><b></p>

    <p>Favor Information: </b></p>

    <p>Requester Name: ___________________________________________</p>

    <p>Requester Title: ____________________________________________</p>

    <p>I request permission to take delivery of a personal favor from The Desired Favor
    Performer on:</p>

    <p>Date: _______/_______/_______</font><font SIZE="3"></p>

    <p></font><font SIZE="1">Day Month Year</font><font SIZE="2"></p>

    <p></font>&nbsp;<font SIZE="3"></p>

    <p></font><font SIZE="2">Time: _________ am / pm</font><font SIZE="3"> </font><font
    SIZE="1">(circle ONE only)</font><font SIZE="2"></p>

    <p>Type of Personal Favor: </font><font SIZE="1">(check ONE only)</font><font SIZE="2"></p>

    <p>____ Borrow Money ____ Water Plants ____ Co-Sign Loan</p>


    <p>____ Watch My Stuff ____ Corroborate Lie ____ Endure My Presence</p>

    <p>____ Baby/Pet-Sit ____ House-Sit ____ Write Recommendation</p>

    <p>____ Wait for Me ____ Borrow Car ____ Drive Me Somewhere</p>

    <p>____ Swap Spouse ____ Impregnate Me ____ Donate Bone Marrow</p>

    <p>____ Collect My Mail ____ Stop Doing That ____ Pretend To Like Me</p>

    <p>____ Other: ____________________________________________________</p>


    <p>Estimated Duration of Favor Performance: ________ minutes, ________ seconds</p>


    <p>I can reciprocate the favor by offering the following:



    <p>If necessary, I am willing to pay The Desired Favor Performer $____________ for this
    favor.</font><font SIZE="1"></p>

    <p></font>&nbsp;<font SIZE="2"><b></p>

    <p>Requester Acknowledgement:</b></p>

    <p>I acknowledge that my application for a personal favor from The Desired Favor Performer
    is not without its inherent selfishness. I further acknowledge that The Desired Favor
    Performer has far better things to do, and will very likely refuse my application. I agree
    not to question the final decision of the Desired Favor Performer, nor to re-submit my
    application until at least three (3) calendar months have passed.</p>



    <p>___________________________________________ __________________</p>

    <p>Signature of Requester Date</font></p>

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