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My reasons for hating the military

Discussion in 'Thriller Promotions and Pavilion' started by kuulani, Nov 14, 2003.

  1. kuulani

    kuulani New Member

    http://www.thehawaiichannel.com/news/2637003/detail.htmlThe Hawaii Channel

    Military training in Hawaii is controversial, especially in places like the island of Kahoolawe, Makua Valley, and Pohakuloa, where sacred Hawaiian sites are known to be. All I have to say is that with all the vast land that America has on the continent, why come to our tiny islands to blow them up?

    And of course, they're not returning the land to the Hawaiian family they leased it from, the land being condemned and all. Bastards.
  2. leslie

    leslie New Member

    ASSES!!! :mad:
  3. greenfreak

    greenfreak New Member

    That is a DAMN good reason. :o
  4. Squiggy

    Squiggy New Member

    I didn't do it... :cry2: Honest.
  5. freako104

    freako104 im a freak im so proud of that

    because its mostly run by men with some kind of size problem and need to compensate and need to blow stuff up :rolleyes: itd be nice to have a govt that doesnt have that.
  6. leslie

    leslie New Member

    Uncle Sam wants YOU!!

    *but only if you have a big cock

  7. freako104

    freako104 im a freak im so proud of that

    actually youd probably need a small one to have to compensate for it ;)
  8. Gato_Solo

    Gato_Solo Member


    :mad: :p

    Okay...now that I've said that, I'll get to the real issue...the land grab.

    1. If you make a deal with 'the devil', you should be prepared to get the shaft. Personally, I think the DoD should clean the place up and turn it back over, but if they miss one round that later explodes...
  9. unclehobart

    unclehobart this is my special title

    It seems like a perfect opportunity to continue the lease for a few years and convert the area to an ordinance disposal training facility. Let them slowly clean it up via progressive training methods.
  10. kuulani

    kuulani New Member

    well, at least we got the island of Kahoolawe back, it was recently returned to the state - there are still unexploded ordinance on it, but the navy did attempt to clean it up.
  11. freako104

    freako104 im a freak im so proud of that

    at least they did something for it

    gato ;)
  12. Tanis Half-Halo

    Tanis Half-Halo New Member

    You realize of course that without the military, you would be a slave of Germany and we would all be ruled by Germany and/or the British?
  13. greenfreak

    greenfreak New Member

    *covers my head and prepares for the firestorm
  14. Squiggy

    Squiggy New Member

    * hides behind gf
  15. freako104

    freako104 im a freak im so proud of that

    *is patiently waiting for it*

    awww fuck it ill take a few shots before some others may take my side.

    ok look the military has done some good things like that but it is also the military that destroyed Bikini Island, it was the army the performed the My Lai massacre, whats going on in Iraq, and also the Cold War with the USSR and increased the national debt.
  16. Gonzo

    Gonzo Infinitesimally Outrageous Staff Member

    shut up freak...without the military you'd have NOTHING.
  17. freako104

    freako104 im a freak im so proud of that

    which as we all know is bullshit. without it there would still be Bikini Island unless nature took it away, and people wouldnt be dead and finally i wouldnt worry as to whether or not another country will attack us cause of our attitude and what our military has done in the past.
  18. Inkara1

    Inkara1 New Member

    Do you really believe the crap you just posted, or do you think it's what most of the girls around here would want to hear?

    Quick lesson: The US is the world's lone remaining superpower. Like it or not, we're expected to police the world. If something goes to shit in, say, Africa and we don't meddle in those nations' affairs, then we're the bad guys for letting it happen. But if we're proactive and step into others' affairs, then we're "bullies." The less powerful nations seem to only want the US to exert its power when it's convenient for them. And if we were to back out of Iraq because some of the rest of the world is whining about it, then we would have for all intents and purposes abdicated the superpower status. There's no such thing as a superpower that can be pushed around by a country that can't even defend itself from its next-door neighbor. So we'd lose our power, while everyone else would continue their push for more power. Eventually, one country would become the most powerful, and everyone else would think this new most powerful nation is a bully trying to impose its will on the rest of the world.

    In short, the other nations are jealous of the power we have. They complain about us, but they would be happy to take our place in the power chain. It's not us they hate, it's not our policies they hate, what they hate is that we're in a position to push our agenda and they're not in a position to push theirs.

    Now before 1989, there were two superpowers, the US and the Soviet Union. If the US hadn't built up its military and weaponry, the Soviet Union damn sure still would have. I don't know if you've ever heard of the term, "mutually assured destruction." If not, it's the only thing that prevented certain nuclear armegeddon. The Soviets knew that if they sent any nukes towards us, we'd fire ours back and wipe their entire nation clear off the face of the earth. If we launched a nuke towards them, they'd launch theirs at us and the US would be wiped clean off the face of the earth.

    Both superpowers were in a constant struggle for more power. If one rested, the other wouldn't and the scales would tilt in the favor of the other. When the Soviets sent Sputnik into space, it showed they could send things into space. If we'd sat still, they probably would have refined it to a point where they could send a giant laser into space, aimed at Washington.That didn't happen, because we sent our own satellites into space.

    But if you're annoyed that the USSR went belly-up and the US assumed the role of the lone superpower, and if you think our treatment of the environment is bad and our human rights isn't where it could be, just be glad the USSR didn't win out. The Soviet government had no concern at all for the environment, and that entire part of the world is completely trashed because of it. Many places are uninhabitable. And if you wanted to bitch about what the USSR was doing, you wouldn't do it if you valued your life... or your first-born son's. You also would probably be arrested or shot because you want to be a "freak" and dress differently.

    Keep all that in mind when you start to wish we had no military. It might temper your views on the situation a little bit.
  19. freako104

    freako104 im a freak im so proud of that

    my point inky was this: America calls itself the worlds police but the military has done shit in the past to make us look bad. if you read my post i admit the military has done good in the past. but shit like this and My Lai and shit like that happens to be a fact of it too. that and the money of our taxes can go to something better than building a military such as hospitals and schools.
  20. Mirlyn

    Mirlyn rebmeM

    Hindsight is 20/20....you learn from your mistakes. So the military didn't do everything right in the past. Nobody's perfect. I know I'm not.

    Forget Bikini Atoll. Think of all the nuclear testing here in America. Right here in the continental US. These tests created fallout that stretched well beyond the Mississippi. I think its disgusting what they did, but those tests in the end helped us end WWII. Had they known then what they know now, it probably wouldn't have happened.

    Another thing, I wouldn't be afraid of another country striking the US, but more of splinter groups. No direct country affiliation, just anti-western culture.

    Just my two cents...

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