Merry Christmas/Happy New Year/Whatever


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OK the group that reads this it's a wish from me to all of you that you have a safe and happy holiday and may nothing but good tings come in all your futures.

A lil tradition passed on down from my mother-in-law and I pass it onto you.

Make up 2 small packs and inside put a dollar a 50 cent piece all the way down and then wrap it up and place it under your doorsteps on New Years Eve and when it's the New Year bring it inside so you will always have money coming into your homes that year. We've been doing it for along time now and as I said it is a German tradition and I am passing it on if you'd like to do it. Oh 1 pack in the front and 1 in the back so it comes in both ways.



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Hey, sounds good... Money coming into your home even at the beginning of the year, now that's optimism! :beerchug:


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BF who is BF??????????;)


holy cow ... sorry about that BD

*writing "BD" on the board a thousand times*

that's what happens when I get to this board before I've had my morning coffee on the day of finals :D