Insomnia sux


Kissy Goddess
It's been so hot here that I get very little sleep - my eyes were all swollen this morning from lack of it!

Someone wanna read me a story?



One of a Kind
I am an insomniac. It sucks. Haven't figured out how ti fix it. My daughter usualy won't get up untill about 9 though. That helps. :)


Infinitesimally Outrageous
Staff member
valium sux worse than insomnia...I finally nodded about 3:30AM & got up at 9:30 to go to work :mad:


Close the world, txEn eht nepO
Thats my new excuse when i fall asleep in class...

"wake up!"
"But teacher, i have narcolepsy"
*falls over and sleeps*


One of a Kind
my Uncle has that and he feel asleep at work and his butthead boss punched him in the back. He got some $$ for it though.