Has anyone noticed this?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by sin2, Jun 3, 2001.

  1. sin2

    sin2 New Member

    My 1ghz core which has been guaranted to run at 1.2+ ran fine for 6 months. Then recently it started to become unstable so I have to put it back a 1.0ghz.

    The chip was tested at the shop for 24 hrs on a quake timedemo loop test so I worked fine. I don't play Quake for more than an hour anyway.

    So do you think that overclocking has shortened its life?
  2. fury

    fury Administrator Staff Member

    Overclocking shortens any processor's life.

    It's not by a really noticeable amount though, it's most likely the difference between 20 and 10 years of life...

    It's just a matter of the quality of the processor that will determine how far you can shorten its life. :D
  3. a13antichrist

    a13antichrist Moderator from Hell

    Throw some UT at it while running Genome. Should teach it a lesson.. :)
  4. Maxout

    Maxout New Member

    Have your temps changed? You might need to re-apply thermal compound and reseat your heatsink.

    Also it maybe software related, scandisk and defrag for a start. Have you installed something recently that may be causing you problems?

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  5. markjs

    markjs QuackHead

    UT is a much harsher stability test....processors that can handle hours of Q3A will crash after minutes of UT.... :rolleyes:
  6. fury

    fury Administrator Staff Member

    because UT stresses the CPU more. Gee, I wonder why video card upgrades don't make as much of a difference in UT as CPU upgrades do.

    I get a lot higher pings in UT than I do in Q3. Why? I have a winmodem, and it uses the CPU to do its work. (yes, I know, I should get a better modem, but I don't game online as much as I used to so it doesn't matter as much. This modem still sucks though)
  7. Deanril

    Deanril Member

    Well lets look at the date ,it June!!! Its hot ,Ill bet your CPU temps have risen 10 c easily ,I know mine have.

    Check those temps ,and start thinking about some extra cooling ,be it new heatsink or some case fans for extra flow.

    You would be surprised what cooling will do ,it will do exactly what you are saying ,unstable ,and pop on a new hs instant stability .
  8. sin2

    sin2 New Member

    Yo Dean,

    I like in SF. Not as hot as Roseville. Steady 60's here. I think the setup is getting old that's all.

    Time for an upgrade anyway.
  9. HomeLAN

    HomeLAN Bumbling Idiot Staff Member

    One quick question: Were the L1 bridges connected using a pencil or conductive pen? If it;s pencil, it may be time to re-pencil.

    A long shot, but what the hey...
  10. fury

    fury Administrator Staff Member

    ah yes, I forgot about that... Penciling wears off after about 2-3 months, so check into that if the way you're overclocking is with your pencil
  11. wdeep

    wdeep New Member

    I've had similar problems with chips that were o/c'd to the extreme. Had to back off just slightly on the mhz and sometimes bump the vcore too. For example, a P-III 750 that used to do 1000 at 1.90 stable, now (many months later) only does 960 at 1.95 stable. wtf? I don't know. Guess it comes with the territory.
  12. sin2

    sin2 New Member

    My chips done with a conducting pen. The contacts are still fine.

    It's most likely the age.

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