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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Professur, Jan 6, 2002.

  1. Deanril

    Deanril Member

    Kruz has offered very sound and right on the money advice ,Good tech he is.

    I still cant picture what this van looks like ,but sounds like a transverse motor ,unlike a astro. Sounds more like a Lumina van.

    With the transverse van I Generally rack-up the van and get the plugs from below.

    I fully understand the 2 dog bone setup upfront however ,I believe the cowl ect ,would be in the way even if you could rock the motor.
    BTW is done by you keeping the engine in park and releasing the e-brake and have a buddy rock the vehicle until desired movement of motor is done ,then apply ebrake to hold it there,works for me.

    He absolutely correct ,plugs & wires and bad heater in the o2 sensor ,replace all that and reset the computer(disconnect batt for like 15 min apply brake pedal once).

    As for UltraLiberty,Im not talking about 1985 chevy or even 90 ,Im talking about 95 and newer they are ALL ,I say ALL junk.Buy one and find out for yourself pal.

    Hell look at the poor professor......................

    Ive never riden in or had the misfortune to work on such American made Junk.You put 100k on a chevy ,you will have 2-3 items in the passenger compartment completely broken ,for unknown reasons ,1 or 2 window motor/regualtors break. 1-2 o2 sensors go out,those 100k plugs will code up on your butt at 60k,the water pumps will fail at 80k,the fuel injecters,fuel pump will go out before 100k ,and those babies are $100 a piece plus massive labor to replace ,especially on Vortec. Transmissions ,Power steering ect ect ect........

    GM is making complete junk year after year lately ,for the $$$$$$$$$$$$ they have had 100 years to perfect the car and they decide to live off of the american name GM and milk the american public for every dime they can.

    I am American and white ,If I say Honda or Toyota(lexus) its because they make the best cars ,period.
  2. Professur

    Professur Mushroom at large

    So what's the bad news about them, Dean?
  3. Kruz

    Kruz Moderator Staff Member

    Don't feel bad Prof.... I just had the Transmission and lower control arm replaced on my 2000 Blazer (Under Warrenty) with only 13,000 miles on it..!!!!!
    The trans was leaking fluid (Turned out the case was cracked).
    The front right shock was installed with only one bolt at the bottom (should have 2) so the 1 bolt that WAS there broke the mounting ear on the lower control arm off..
    My drivers side door speaker kept cutting on and off (they replaced it). and the rear hatch glass was not aligned correctly, and ratteled going over bumps.....
  4. UltraLiberty

    UltraLiberty New Member

    I'm not talking about any 1985 or 1990 Chevy, either...where did you get that idea? In fact I was speaking of the most recent generation of Caprices that starter out as police cruisers and became taxicabs. The GM small block V8 is practically bullet-proof. The 4L60E transmission in that car is one of the most durable heavy-duty (for a car) automatics you can get.

    BTW, many of those "American-made junk" are made in CANADA or Mexico.

    If you wanna talk about POS trannies then you are looking at the wrong American brand. (Chrysler, hint hint)

    I don't deny that a Lexus is a finer car than any Chevy. They are also what, 3-4 times the price? Not everyone can afford to pay more for the best. That was my point, and also that not EVERY chevy is a POS...I just told you one that wasn't.
  5. UltraLiberty

    UltraLiberty New Member

    Oh and many Japanese cars are made in America, too. Do they all suck, too? They're American made. I guess they must be junk then too.
  6. Inkara1

    Inkara1 New Member

    So, Prof... got the firearm loaded up yet?
  7. iwajabitw

    iwajabitw Member

    Prof....what ever happened to the van? I was Chevy fan forever. Spent the 90's in Honda's and Nissans after I got married. Traded in the 87 Camaro IROC-Z for a 97 Sentra. My daughter is still driving the Sentra today. Damn sacrifices for marriage. But now I'm all Ford, guess we always had Ford trucks around when I was little, so it rubbed off on me from at least 4 generations back.

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