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Any ideas?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Gato_Solo, Jun 14, 2009.

  1. Gato_Solo

    Gato_Solo Member

    Since my Audi is now gone, and the Chrysler is getting a little long in the tooth, I'm throwing feeders out to hear any ideas on a new (used) car. Must be less than 7 years old, and have less than 60K miles. Sedans are preferable, but not exclusive. Anything but GM. If its an SUV, it must be 4WD, and must be small enough that a V6 won't give it too much lag..
  2. Professur

    Professur Mushroom at large

    Buy a moped.
  3. Noite Escura

    Noite Escura The unpredictable

    What happened to the Audi?
  4. Gato_Solo

    Gato_Solo Member

    Died of a combination of old-age and spousal neglect...my wife didn't do anything with it for 6 months while I was deployed, so the gas went bad, causing the fuel pump and filters to go bad. Couple that with nevr moving for that same period, and you get bad wheel bearings and CV joints. More money to get it fixed than the car was worth, so I scrapped it.

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