Your player can't be nekkid


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if you wanna play their game.

Game maker, Tecmo, has filed a lawsuit in federal court in Chicago accusing web administrators, Mike Greiling, Will Glynn and others of knowingly infringing on Tecmo's proprietary software.

The lawsuit stems from Greiling, Glynn and others hacking a popular volleyball game played on Microsoft's Xbox console and removing the bikini tops of the players.

The web site which was used to display or recreate the nude volleyball players,, is no longer online, apparently removed by the defendents in the suit.

The lawsuit charges the defendants with violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and seeks unspecified damages.

Tecmo said it was pursuing all violators, intent on finding anyone who violated the video game's copyrights.

John Inada, general manager for Tecmo, said in a statement, "On behalf of the game industry, the gamers and all future innovations in gaming, the protection of intellectual property is a serious issue that affects everyone in the game industry, and can no longer be ignored."
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