Ugliest cars!


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Well what can we say? Fiat have obviously produced this car especially to star on these pages - and we thank them for that.
Combine the worst elements from a lavatory cistern, a banjo and a dead poodle and you would get something similar to the Multipla.
good ol' Fiat .. page 4... what the hell was R&D thinking?



For those who haven't seen the Aztek yet...

Aunty M

AMD Bitch
Oh the joys of driving a Reliant Robin. They have a tendency to roll if you whack them around left hand corners to hard. Not that I ever did. :)

I drove a 21 year-old one around for 2 years called the "Yellow Peril" on my full motorcycle licence before I passed my car test (loophole in UK law). Top speed, fully loaded was about 85 mph (but it cruised best at 60 - 65 mph) with an 850 cc engine and it did about 50 to the gallon. It burnt out points like nothing on earth though and I had to replace them about 3 times a year or it got picky about when it would start and stop...

Fond memories...

Oh, and my ex had several Skoda Estelles over the years... but I prefer not to talk about that!...