Missing: trucker, cargo of 3.6 million nickels missing


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Let me make sure I've got this straight:

Angel Ricardo Mendoza, 43, picked up $180,000 in nickels from the mint in New Jersey on December 17, to take them to New Orleans. His truck turned up on December 21 at a truck stop in Fort Pierce, Fla. on December 21. The truck was empty. Foul play is suspected.

My question: a crime has been committed, no doubt about that. But which crime? I'm not sure whether to believe the cops when they say they fear for his safety and think something bad might have happened to him, or whether to take the more obvious route and start calling the local casas de cambio to see if anyone by the name of Mendoza cashed in a few nickels. This might be a clue: the graf at the end of the story mentions that he has a wife who lives in Cuba.

AP via CNN


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That's over three and a half million nickels. It's not like he can just take that as carry on luggage. Or head to one of those new change-counting machines.