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    pong 3d

    Wait, I take that back. I actually won a ball!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!
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    pong 3d

    Cool game, I think it's impossible to beat the comp, just keep going and increasing your score. And as for the high score thing, I think that's the high score off of 1 ball.
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    Canadians are just plain wacky

    except maybe Amsterdam...
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    Canadians are just plain wacky

    Wait a minute, weed ain't legal in Canada. You have to have a doctor on your side, only 1 if you're going to die in a year and 2 doctors on your side if you're just in horrible pain. Getting 1 doctor is incredibly hard because a doctor can lose their liscense if the gov't simply disagrees with...
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    Monitor Size?

    Woah, 21 inchers. Big man, but you need to crank up the resolution.
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    Anyone got any tatoos?

    Haha, when I wrote eh I was thinking about how Canadian I've become.
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    Anyone got any tatoos?

    Yeah, maybe I need to bulk up, I'm pretty damn skinny. Tattoo eh? How stupid could I be.
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    Anyone got any tatoos?

    Cool, but that's weird. I actually did a search for the word tatoo before posting and I didn't find anything.
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    Anyone have an opinion on Dreamweaver?

    I use GoLive man. When it comes to hard coding javascript and thsoe features, you have to it in text but just getting the basic design and stuff, I definately use GoLive for that. I would hate to have to type out all that code just put a lousy table in.
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    Software - Utilities

    Update all your Software.
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    Whats your ride?

    My ride? The bus :cry:
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    TV rides

    One of those flying cars on the Jestons.
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    That expensive Nestle Rolo flavoured Ice Cream. It rules.
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    GWB-Hey Canada-pthththtthtttt

    Yeah man, we got bigger wood (and better weed).
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    Anyone got any tatoos?

    I'm thinking of getting my chest done up next spring and then going from there. I want a nice marijuana leaf and the words Evolution Revolution Love on my chest and stomach. The only problem is that the words are too long.
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    Favorite band

    Woah, you just basically named everyone. I actually like some of the heavy guitar stuff. It's just that Tricky has REALLY gotten in my head recently.
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    I owe, I owe....

    Boxes, cool! What goes in those boxes? Velcro? I do crappy web design, just during the summer and finish high school during the 10 months of cold canadian winter.
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    $130,000 isn't enough to live on

    OMG. What an arse! I wish I had a $130,000 a year. But then I have to quit school. I wish I wasn't in school. Oh well.
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    Monitor Size?

    Home:17 inches, 1024x768 Work: 17 inches, 1280x1024 Resolutions smaller than 1024x768 piss me off. That's just because I have to design web pages for the lowest common denominator and small resolutions tend to be way too limiting.
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    Favorite band

    Tricky Some of his stuff just kicks ass, especially the song in my sig.