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    Am I the only one who hates fricking WinVista?

    Yeah, right now Windows 7 looks like the shiznit, but I have the utmost confidence in the ability of the good folks at Microsoft to completely fuck it up before the release date.
  2. HomeLAN

    New look?

    No different here. Perhaps your eyes are going? :P
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    Happy Birthday, Noite!

    Hope the day treats you well.
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    Am I the only one who hates fricking WinVista?

    Everything I've tried to do on Vista is a challenge - peripherals, networking, you name it. Throw in the fact that you need 2 gig of RAM just to run the bloated POS, and you could say that I'm not a fan.
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    Anyone still on Diablo?

    Unc and I are playing, and my son is joining us from time to time.
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    Anyone still on Diablo?

    Yeah, good finds have been few and far between.
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    Anyone still on Diablo?

    FYI, I started a new ladder character on the xibase account. Sorceress, and I have her up to lvl 15. Might be playing (with or without V2.0) later today.
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    (insert totally unconnected thread-hijacking comment here)
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    Anyone still on Diablo?

    If you're gonna play again today, post in. I'll keep an eye out here and try to get to you.
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    Anyone still on Diablo?

    SUmbitch. All those characters are now useless. OTOH, Gato, now's a good time to start the game. They won't do this again for awhile.
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    Sorry for being absent

    I guess we'll forgive you...this time. :p
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    Anyone still on Diablo?

    I still have bunches of characters. I've kinda stripped 'em of equipment becuase my son and I have been playing, and I've equipped him, but that could be remedied.
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    Whats your ride?

    Magnum may not do then - got a belly pan, but it's pretty low slung. OTOH, it'll get to my mother's place fine, and the final 2 miles of that is over rough dirt roads. They're not bad quite enough to require AWD, but it's helpful when it's wet.
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    Whats your ride?

    After this model year, I thought. Besides, I figure the huge number of other vehicles using this drive-train should keep parts plentiful. If you wnat even better gas milage, pick up an SXT model. Forget the plain-jane version - the smaller 6 banger is enemic.
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    Whats your ride?

    Did GM get MDS right this time? It's been flawless on the dodge, but when Caddy tried it the first time, they mucked it all up. Hey, Gato - considered a Magnum? AWD is an available feature, and the 5.7 RT gets about 22 on the highway.
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    So, what about the immobiliary crisis?

    Yep. For all of my efforts to live within my means, make smart decisions about money, and sacrifice where need be, I shall now be penalized and forced to pay off my idiot neighbor's stupid mistake. Yay.
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    Kids today...

    What would he have had to add to make 'er street legal, I wonder?
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    Forums upgraded, dark side style revamped

    Yah, baby! Thanks fury!
  20. HomeLAN hacked

    Not a lot, but more than enough.