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    Happy Birthday, Huge!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUGE!!!!!!:hbd::kiss: :beerchug:
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    our baby has grown up

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY flurf!!!! :beerchug::hbd:
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    Hi to all...

    Just ask my step children Gato...I'm sure they could define it better than me :D
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    Hi to all...

    Oooh, I stomped his butt in genome about a year ago!!
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    Happy meals aint what they used to be

    The cup holder in my truck BLOWS. It doesn't hold any size togo cups right. The small and mediums flop around and dump when you turn the corner....and it's pret-ty hard to steer, downshift and hold the cup at the same time. The giant cups fit snugly in the hole, unfortunately they're too tall...
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    OTC has been fatally wounded

    :snooze: some things never change.... ;D
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    OTC has been fatally wounded

    Wouldn't do any good :D
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    OTC has been fatally wounded

    Seems to be fine now...
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    OTC has been fatally wounded

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    OTC has been fatally wounded

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    OTC has been fatally wounded

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    Happy Bityhday Pt!!!

    *twirls on head*:hbd::beerchug::dance:
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    Proper instructions against terrorism

    Do not drive a stations wagon if a power pole is protruding from the hood. :D
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    Happy Birthday Aunty!!!

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    Gidday....New Girl in town

    BROWNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wave: ....about time you came back!!! pssst: didja see your food fight thread?'s still going:spin:
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    Whacked comic of the day

    :D I love foxtrot
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    Happy Birthday bigdadday

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIGDADDAY!!! :hbd: sorry I was late...
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    depends on your definition of hurt :D
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    I'm tellin'....
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    RIP Mr. Rogers