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  1. fury

    You guys still out there?

    I'm a little "out there"
  2. fury

    How's it hangin?

    How's it hangin?
  3. fury

    Hi guys

    Hi guys
  4. fury

    Let's try this again

    I lost everything after February 22nd 2015. Sorry about that :( Hopefully I won't lose anything again. (Except my marbles) :beerbang:
  5. fury

    The Pirate Fleet website

    I hate vBulletin
  6. fury

    The steady decline of Apple's greatness

    And by half assed, I mean I had one, but I didn't switch from my iPhone. Naturally.
  7. fury

    The steady decline of Apple's greatness

    I liked Palm...I was a half assed believer in webOS--I have a Palm Pre, Pre 2, even got the Veer just for funsies. It was one of those "close but not quite" things. Then HP came and fucked it all up.
  8. fury

    The steady decline of Apple's greatness

    Is that what she said? ;)
  9. fury

    The steady decline of Apple's greatness

    It conforms to fit your body! Turns out large super thin phones bend...doesn't even matter what logo they have on em. My Galaxy Note 2 sports a nice little diagonal curve. I keep telling Apple every year, stop making the damn things thinner and thinner and thinner, and they're not listening to...
  10. fury

    Is this site officially dead?

  11. fury

    The steady decline of Apple's greatness

    Just read this article on Business Insider: Apple Is Following Microsoft's Path In Alarming Ways I have been thinking many of the same things as in this article. I have been impressed with Apple products for a long time now, and have been a customer several times as well. My user interface...
  12. fury


    Never forgotten, never will be
  13. fury

    Identity crisis

    It was actually the same night as Mat Honan's hack, August 3rd. I spoke with him about it. Apparently they were even pretty close to the same time, too
  14. fury

    Identity crisis

    I try to shy away from putting accurate personal info, but when it's a site like Amazon, they kinda need it in order to bill me. I won't make that mistake again, I told Amazon to disable my account and I have no intention of undisabling it until I am confident in their updated security...
  15. fury

    Identity crisis

    So, this bored little hacker kid decides he wants my Twitter name, which was fury. He calls up Amazon, gets them to change my password, logs into my Amazon account and gets a few bits of my identifying info. He uses that to call Apple up and get them to change my password. From there, he can...
  16. fury

    Got the transmission all rebuilt in the Parisienne

    Ouch. Mine's starting to feel like something like that is about to happen. It's seriously bad
  17. fury

    ASUS Transformer

    As far as mobile devices go, I have several iPhones, several Palm/HP phones, one iPad, and currently one Android phone (a Motorola Atrix "faux-G"). I did briefly try out an HP TouchPad. For desktop computing, I'm split down the middle. At home, I work on a Mac and game on a PC, and at work I...
  18. fury

    That T-bird's still running, believe it or not

    Yeah, I rearranged (read: castrated) my expenses late last month, partly so that I could start putting together a plan for either getting another car or keeping this one running smoothly. Then this happened :lol:
  19. fury

    That T-bird's still running, believe it or not

    You were correct, it cost less than buying the parts and tools to do it myself... It was the rubber ring around the balancer that was the culprit of the wobble. It wore out, which is apparently pretty common after a couple hundred thousand miles. New belt, new balancer, new idler pulley for...