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  1. flavio

    First Starbucks, then ...

    I like Jamba Juice but Starbucks is disturbing me. There's one every half block in downtown San's kinda sickening. There's far better coffee elsewhere (like Peets) as well. I've had some fantastic Hawiian coffee on a few occasions, hard to believe there's not a local place that...
  2. flavio

    The things you think when you do nothing...

    I was wondering the other day why they never use cheese in Chinese food.
  3. flavio

    High noon for Kasparov, Deep Jr.

    Wow, there's some money to be made in chess.
  4. flavio

    3DMark03 out on Tuesday

    Me too :(
  5. flavio


    There's a couple free ones I think. phpBB is one I believe.
  6. flavio


    Well, it's good to know you're on our side now. :D
  7. flavio


    Huge - Aren't you a at least a little bit of a Raider fan after having lived here for awhile?
  8. flavio

    Crash Cart...stat!!

    Glad to see the situation is in control now.
  9. flavio

    Everyone read

    I only found one
  10. flavio

    Coolness Test

    Cool as a cucumber :lurk:
  11. flavio


    I thought the Raiders looked pretty impressive last week. but later when I watched the highlights on ESPN it looked like a lot of it was just Pennington completely loosing all coordination. He was throwing the ball 10ft over his receivers heads. What the hell happened to him? Anyway...
  12. flavio

    Top 10 Worst Game Covers

  13. flavio


    I think Philly will beat Tampa again too.
  14. flavio

    2002 NFL playoffs

    Pennington looked a little off his game in that 2nd half. Wasn't much of a game once the Raiders quit their 1st half experiment and got back to passing the ball.
  15. flavio

    Steelers vs Titans

    Well, it was a good game anyway.
  16. flavio

    2002 NFL playoffs

    Yep. Drives me crazy when the team I'm rooting for does it.
  17. flavio

    2002 NFL playoffs

    A couple of great games yesterday exposing the weakness of trying to sit on a lead with a prevent defense.
  18. flavio

    2002 NFL playoffs

    Go Browns too! :D
  19. flavio

    2002 NFL playoffs

    Raiders - 49ers