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  1. Noite Escura


    Used that S4 Mini for 2 years then changed to S5 Neo that got stolen in a Coldplay Gig in November. Using a Galaxy A5 2017 for 2 months ans hating it. Only 2 small acidents and the Glass is already shattered in pieces. A crack goes exactly above the front camera turning that thing useless :mad:
  2. Noite Escura

    John Romero talks about Doom level design

    If one could keep the wisdom acquired in the meantime...count me in!
  3. Noite Escura

    Let's try this again

    I came here about a month ago and found the site down. I thought it was lost for good :eh: Good to hear about you guys again.
  4. Noite Escura

    Losing weight on low carb eating

    One thing I learned: don't cut completely on sugar and carbs: it can make you feel dizzy and weird
  5. Noite Escura

    Losing weight on low carb eating

    I'm now in low carb diet. Cut off sodas and fried stuff. Getting low on everything else. I'm f**king starving here :p . Was able to cut off almost 7 kg (15lb) in about 1 month though.
  6. Noite Escura


    Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Duos since march, last year. Didn't opt for larger models because I wanted one that could fit well in the pocket. Before had a Nokia 701 DTV running Symbian Belle. That thing was cheap as hell and had everything I had now, plus Digital TV. Too bad Symbian got discontinued...
  7. Noite Escura

    Way to go France!

    Too bad some hostages were wasted, but looks like the terrorist has already killed them by the time police invaded
  8. Noite Escura

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year to you all guys!
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    For some reason automatic log in is not working in this rig anymore. So count me as one of those when I stop by to check from time to time.
  10. Noite Escura

    Be glad you don't live in Buffalo

    Geez, I promise not to rant about our winter so soon. (Luckily Summer is coming around the corner down here in the southern hemisphere).
  11. Noite Escura

    The steady decline of Apple's greatness

    Those fu**ing things are too blackbox for my taste. I like having control of what I put and where I put in the damn thing. Even if it does crash a little more. My actual date has an Iphone 4S and I get angry every time I have to setup that bugger
  12. Noite Escura

    Is it worth buying a gaming notebook?

    My dilemma is buying a cheaper note and wait for a new desktop next year or going mobility right now. What are you guys using these days?
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  14. Noite Escura

    Christmas tunes

  15. Noite Escura

    Is this site officially dead?

    Because I remember you as a kind and nice guy who used to help people at HWC and I know you're good at heart that went thru bad things and got lost in some way. I don't know exactly what happened around here, been away for so long, but I have faith you can get over things and find the right...
  16. Noite Escura

    Is this site officially dead?

    Don't give up dude. Things can always get better
  17. Noite Escura

    Is this site officially dead?

    It may be dead, but this was the first place I came to tell about the unfortunate news in my life. I guess it just remebers me of happier times.
  18. Noite Escura

    iPhone games

    Meh, took me almost an year since that to engage in Smatphone universe, and after all I ended up with... Symbian. Yeah, frustrating, I know, but no other brand other than Nokia D701 would offer Digital TV, Flash 8MP camera, HD video rercording for R$ 499. It has a limited offer of apps, but what...