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  1. Professur


    Going to a battle vs the Rat Men at Bicolline on May 20th, as an archer. There is nothing better than being able to shoot people in real life and not go to jail over it. Just have to remember that I was aiming for the knee when I nail that nutshot!!
  2. Professur

    Goodbye Mrs. Brady

    Florence Henderson, dead at 82.
  3. Professur

    Lawn Darts

    I thought they were illegal, but the European Space Agency is playing lawn darts on Mars.
  4. Professur

    Merry Christmas

    I won't likely be online much until next year so happy new year, merry christmas, or whatever blows up yer skirt.
  5. Professur

    I feel soooooo old now.

    For shits and giggles, I logged into VirtualDR .. just to see what was left. Fark me, it's allllll still there. That's me posting nearly 15 years ago.
  6. Professur

    Evidently I'm not that good a teacher.

    The big wagon ('81 oldsmobile custom cruiser) has 3 fan belts ... one to power the AC, one to the power steering, and one for the alternator. Well, it's an easy job so I figured I'd drag V3.0 out on Sunday to learn how it's done. He was interested enough. We pulled off the old ones, carefully...
  7. Professur

    Christmas tunes

    Stop being such a grinch and post your favorite christmas tunes here for all to share.
  8. Professur

    That moment of paternal pride and anguish when ....

    Your youngest son calls the school principal a Cunt. *:banghead:
  9. Professur


    Just caught myself thinking ... One of the children here at work (25 years old) scheduled a week of vacation time for the release of GTA5 ... and I thought to myself ... how friggin pathetic do you have to be for the release of a video game to warrant a week's vacation time? Then it occurred to...
  10. Professur

    Got the transmission all rebuilt in the Parisienne

    Stepped on the brake pedal ... and blew out a metal line. no rest for the weary.
  11. Professur

    Going electric ... maybe

    I've got a bid in for an old golf cart that the company has. If I can get it ...... Anyone here ever gotten a speeding ticket in a golf cart?
  12. Professur hacked has been hacked again and the user base emailed using his gmail acc't. Don't open them.
  13. Professur

    HomeLAN,,2003090001-2007180360_2,00.html That puppy look familiar?
  14. Professur

    OH My Gawd

    I dunno what show it is, but there's something on Discovery right now, with a tiny little girl that looks exactly like the video game Lemming characters.
  15. Professur

    Thank God for them.....

    Thank God for them..... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>>> >>A Different Christmas Poem >>>> >> >>>> >>The embers glowed softly, and in their dim light, I gazed round the >>>> >>room and I cherished the sight. >>>> >>My wife was...
  16. Professur

    Is it just me

    Or is it much more pleasant to post here than at OTC these days?
  17. Professur


    4 members on all at once. It must be christmas
  18. Professur

    home sweet home

    Let me know if anything intelligent happens at OTC. Not that I expect it will, but miracles do happen.
  19. Professur

    You gonna post summat?

    Or are you just gonna keep gawking?
  20. Professur

    Happy thanksgiving, Huge.

    I know you don't get out much anymore.