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  1. flavio

    Halloween fun

    If you haven't all got these in emails yet then there they are.
  2. flavio

    W00T! Oakland A's set all-time AL win streak record!

    Hell yeah! They're #1 in the power rankings as well. :grin: ,,,and with the 3rd lowest payroll!
  3. flavio

    Wow....check out this Suburban Assault Vehicle

  4. flavio

    What's for dinner?

    I had a humungous grilled chicken burrito from a place down the street. I was thinking that there weren't any burrito shops where I used to live in Ohio. There were hardly even any non-chain Mexican restaraunts. So do you have Burrito shops?....and what the hell did you have for dinner?
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    Check out
  6. flavio

    Driver knocks two off Oakland Bay Bridge

    I am often on the bridge at this time of night too. Missed it by about 30 minutes this night. Article Car runs into guy knocks him 100ft down into Bay. Guy has to stay afloat for a half hour with a pelvic fracture and abdominal injuries in 40 degree water in the dark.
  7. flavio

    Knocked the f*** out

    Pretty hostile reaction to a basketball ref's call
  8. flavio

    Thief can't resist lure of whiskey, passes out

    Criminal Mastermind here
  9. flavio

    Well here I am

    At work again amidst a bustle of activity.
  10. flavio

    For the spellign challenged...a dictionary toolbar. Pretty damn convenient.
  11. flavio

    Matrix sequel trailer available now

    Here it is.
  12. flavio

    Playstation 2 $100 price drop.

    You can now get yourself a Playstation 2 for $199 . So go get one.
  13. flavio

    Ant city game
  14. flavio

    A hot little calculator

    Enjoy yourselves
  15. flavio

    New stuff for my walls

    Went to a street fair yesterday and picked up a couple prints This woman with the booth took all these pictures. She must really travel alot. First to take the photos and then again to all the fairs/etc to sell them. Sounds like a good job to me. Here's some more...
  16. flavio

    When you really need the cops
  17. flavio


    Probably not as funny if you've never played Streetfighter
  18. flavio

    What's going on with these emails?

    My dad sends me 4 or 5 email jokes a day and none of the emails I get from him ever have a "from" field. Then on top of that there's all this header information in the body of the email that I have to sort through if I want to read them. I don't know how he's setup that they turn out this...
  19. flavio

    Poor photography on a snowboarding trip

    I went snowboarding with a buddy last weekend and he bought a new digicam on the way up. Unfortunately the stores didn't have a battery/AC adapter to go with it so he was forced to use AA batteries. In order to save power he didn't use the LCD screen and thus ended up with some strange...
  20. flavio

    Saw A.I. and the Sony robot dog this weekend

    Yep, saw the movie A.I. on Saturday and then saw Sony's newest robot dog at the Metreon on Sunday. The dog seemed to take a liking to a little girl that was watching the demonstration. The thing is pretty amazing, and after seeing that movie it makes me wonder how far robots will...