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  1. iwajabitw

    You guys still out there?

    Checking around the sites and looks like its been a year since anyone checked in. Huge, you lurking around anywhere?
  2. iwajabitw

    Are you still crunching.

    Noticed your not on the PF team anymore. Are you crunching for a new team? Seti has a new credit system " CreditNew, or CreditScrew " as they say, that pisses me off so I have been on MilkyWay starting this week. Keep getting Computing Errors on a older system that has a AMD 6670 HD in it...
  3. iwajabitw

    Bluray Software

    Which suite should I get to go with my bluray drive to watch and possible RIP and burn some? Thought Nero, but what about codecs and all the DTS, Pro Logic sound streams. Who keeps there software updated and has the best features?
  4. iwajabitw

    Is fall here yet?

    I'm glad it almost is, if the heat would go away. I will actually be able to have a life again as work finally slows down.
  5. iwajabitw


    So how is it Huge? I still haven't picked it up yet
  6. iwajabitw

    Windows 10

    Just got an email today. Can I already upgrade? Anyone else get this? It was instructions to upgrade.
  7. iwajabitw

    Spring is Coming.

    There usually not this big, but on this day April 27, 2011, I was actually buying my house. We had to wait for the mortagage people to come out of the banks safe, so we could sign the papers. We lived in Huntsville, and I have a great picture of a tornado/mesocyclone that never put down just...
  8. iwajabitw

    In the news: Cuba and US relations

    I'm thinking about damn time, but it happened 10yrs before I was born.
  9. iwajabitw

    My F150

    Don't have the red one 2010, sold it to my dad last year and got his 99 Ram for my son.
  10. iwajabitw

    Linux Firewall/NAT

    Anyone use a Linux firewall router. Currently use an Airport Extreme, but back in the day I use to use Smoothwall I think it was, on a P2-200mx. Setup a system with mint on it this summer for Seti but I found I may not be a Linux fan that much these days.
  11. iwajabitw

    This year hasn't slowed down.

    Usually we start slowing down in late Oct. Gives me time to recoup, reorganize and such until spring. It just hasn't happened this year, were still wide open. And just got a new project that has to be completed by 3/31/2015, its crazy this year.
  12. iwajabitw

    Jamming some tunes tonight.

    Starting really heavy....Tool, Rob Zombie, Five Finger Death Punch, Bullet for my Valentine.... on and on...
  13. iwajabitw

    Happy Thanksgiving folks!

    I'll be spending mine tuning up my daughters car, she came home from school last night. Everyone works except me,,LOL...
  14. iwajabitw

    The Pirate Fleet website

    I cant post or reply to anything over there. Keep getting this: iwajabitw, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons: Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access...
  15. iwajabitw

    Just had a Cop tell me...

    ****I was drinking when I posted this*** so I took it down.
  16. iwajabitw

    Music Videos, whats your favorites,,

    I grew up on this
  17. iwajabitw

    So we landed on a comet, today!

    I really like the idea, I mean I look forward to a Star Trek type future...not know what I mean. To my kids its "cool" but space and sci-fi doesn't mean that much to them. Guess its because I grew up in the 70-80's, I really like the whole idea of it all, that's why Im hitting SETI...
  18. iwajabitw

    Guess somethings wrong on the PF Board

    I replied to one thread about 5 times, go back and nothings added...Also tried to start a new thread about the comet landing, wouldn't post, kept telling me a token was expired.
  19. iwajabitw

    FYI, for iphone users

    If you are in an area without a signal and need to charge your phone. Put it in "airplane mode", if not it will drain the battery on a car if you have it plugged up to charge. Saw over a dozen dead car batteries this weekend. The iPhone without a signal will constantly search for one. This...
  20. iwajabitw


    Are you one or know one. Having many interest it suprises me, I don't know why, all the snobs I see in there field of interest or hobby. Mountain climbing Mechanics Computers Weightlifting/Training Wine Cigars Coffee Whisky Hiking Camping Audiophiles Home Décor General Contractors Home...