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  1. PuterTutor

    start up & shut down screens

    Guess not, wonder if she's still working on it....
  2. PuterTutor

    What would you do...

    Well shit, I know what can be made with it. I'll pm you my address, just wrap it up in a plain brown wrapper with some coffee grounds. Ah nevermind, I'd have to go rent one of those P.O. boxes at the UPS store to do that.
  3. PuterTutor

    Is it safe to jump back into the water?

    Great to see you back! Glad to hear things are getting better too.
  4. PuterTutor

    Free Laptop Offer!

    Damn, I didn't even get my free laptop. Sure hope I don't have to order more Penis enlargement pills to get it. Shit, at this rate I'll be fucking the neighbor without leaving home.
  5. PuterTutor

    I'm sorry.

    There is no need to be sorry. How you doin?
  6. PuterTutor

    2005 black friday sales

    Ya know Sammy, sometimes I think you have way too much time on your hands around Thanksgiving.
  7. PuterTutor

    Anyone still on Diablo?

    Aye, I love to play, but I've got a few mods installed now, can't go to Battlenet. You guys know you can set up your own server too, right? If someones got a pretty fast connection they work pretty good. Can password them so nobody else gets in, etc... By the way, the main mod I've got...
  8. PuterTutor

    Anyone still on Diablo?

    Don't worry, you can get some great socketed drops in Act III and above. Just pick up anything you might be able to use. I like to carry a Tome of Identify around even after I release Cain, just for checking things without having to go back to town.
  9. PuterTutor

    WTF Microsoft?

    I think they should just go ahead and call it Longhorn. At least it would sell well in Texas then. For now they're looking like they're targeting San Fran.
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    I would guess something that doesn't want to be uninstalled. Run Spybot, Adaware and such?
  11. PuterTutor

    Floppy Drives?

    One of the classes next term is requiring the students to have a USB drive for the class. The school still has floppy drives in all the machines I've seen, but I can see them going away quickly. As for here at work, we're still having floppies put in them here, from Dell. They also have no...
  12. PuterTutor

    Cancer sucks

    So sorry to hear it, at least he's free from the pain now.
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    Hang on to em. I've had DSL for about two years now and every once in a while it goes down. My dsl comes with a backup dialup number for just that event. Be just wonderful if I actually had a dial up modem.
  14. PuterTutor

    Whacked story of the day

    Now that's whacked.
  15. PuterTutor

    So, what's your rig?

    Shuttle AK31 Athlon XP 2100 @ 2000 mhz. 256 mb PC2100 64mb Geforce 4 MX 440 WD 120gb HD 52x Lite-on CDW/RW Onboard crappy via sound Some cheap nic.
  16. PuterTutor

    Life has been a blast...

    Arrr... Me looking at the little pirate lassie meself.... I've really got to get to Rio sometime before I die.
  17. PuterTutor

    New Doom3 Q&A

    True enough, but damn those video cards aren't getting any cheaper...
  18. PuterTutor

    New Doom3 Q&A

    I'll most likely check it out, but I'm gonna be slightly pissed if I have to upgrade again to do it.
  19. PuterTutor

    Anyone else having trouble updating Spybot?

    Every once in a while it does that to me, I just walk away from it, it usually gets it while I'm gone.
  20. PuterTutor

    Homemade food

    I remember my grandma made homemade mac n cheese for us once, we hated it. Bout the same as when school made it. Of course, I love it now...