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    ASUS Transformer

    Have you ventured into the ICS world at all? IMO ICS really isn't really something to flaunt about. I mean its cool and all but its not a night day difference like going from Windows XP to Windows 7 is. Are you using all Apple, fury?
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    ASUS Transformer

    So i've always loved ASUS motherboards and well pretty much anything ASUS. And then they come out with the ASUS Transformer TF101. Awesome pad that totally beats the iPad IMO. And then, to step up the performance they come out with a Quad Core version called the ASUS Transformer Prime. Again...
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    White Chocolate Pretzels

    Hey Sam, When did you become such a cooking expert. I would expect something from mark, but not from you!
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    Ok, here's one for all you computer Gods out there. What is a TerraData, what does it do and who makes it? If you can answer that one you are really good!:beerchug:
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    Beep, beep, beep

    Hey Man! It's your Memory. I have seen several computers with the same problem and it took me for ever trying to figure it out. And after i realized that the memory was the only thing i hadn't switched out, I almost kicked myself in the butt.:beerchug:
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    i can't find any drivers for this dang thing

    Hey all!!! I'm trying to find a SiS video driver for a 5595 chipset. By the way, it's on board video, so it kinda sucks. Ya think you can help?