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    RIP Richard Hatch

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    Highlight of my day

    And that's not saying much. :(
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    Who wins?

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    Thank god I don't live in Boston! So sick of this shit; mini-icebergs roam the streets. Good luck parking! Now another storm tomorrow; of course B-town will get dumped upon again. But then we get down to 0 degrees for a low. Not wind temps; actual temps. :( Probably -25--35 for wind chill...
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    And of course

    Must be nice!
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    Is your BOINC acting funky? For the past week or so, it's not showing any pending units - just the one's that are currently being worked on. Thought my queue was down (which it was) but that made no difference. I even checked my stats in seti and I have 196 in progress but only about 6 in...
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    Maggie! :mad: :D TWD and Better Call Saul should be coming in the next 2 weeks.
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    John Romero talks about Doom level design

    Can I get a time machine and go back to the '90's???
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    This always happens when I run out of chips! :(
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    On Intel's tiny Edison module:
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    Way to go France!

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    If Quake was made today

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    Happy New Year!

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    I love it when game developers do shit like this

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    I want this

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    Sony Pictures CEO claims 'we have not caved'

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    Effing spammers

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    A complete time waster Needs a modern gpu (i.e., not some crappy onboard video). Be sure to click around.
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    Be glad you don't live in Buffalo

    Unless you do. :(
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    Thank you effing windows update

    Latest rounds of updates killed my machine :( Basically it did the first round of updates, rebooted, tried doing the second round before windows starts, goes to a black screen with a mouse pointer. Can't boot into safe mode (same thing). I got a backup (a month old) I will restore to if I...