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    fury is da man

    Yer sher handy to have around...:retard: good job, fury. :beerbang:
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    It's a sign of the apocalypse!

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    Homemade food

    Of course...Do i look stupid or somethin'? :retard:
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    Homemade food

    I'm trying a new recipe. I made chicken salad using eggs and i can't wait to try it. Anyone know how long it'll take these things to hatch? :retard:
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    new music

    Stanley Jordan is amazing...:D
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    Welcome...Very promising intro. :D
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    possible car hunt

    If fuel economy isn't a problem, maybe PT will sell you his Burb for $8K. :D
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    Best site of internet

    Be quiet! I'm trying to here the rest of the message...:retard:
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    The Simpsons Personality Test

    :confused: I offered... ;)
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    Hello - I am back

    Hi Nana. Never met ya but welcome back. :wave:
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    :D They prolly video taped it with sound for the next party.
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    Happy Birthday Noite!

    Ditto, Noite...I left my card at OTC ;) Happy Birthday Dude!
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    did everyone run away?

    I'm here...I think...