who has baught MAX PAYNE

Discussion in 'Games' started by Neo, Aug 16, 2001.

  1. Neo

    Neo Administrator Staff Member

    i went to pick it up the otherday... Guess what SOLD OUT!!!
    But i did get a raincheck for it. so hopefully it should be in today...
    I want to hear some goodies about this. I'm dishing out 34.99 for it so i'd like to hear that its worth the money. If not maybe i just wont pick it up yet...
  2. tOKSIK

    tOKSIK New Member

    Great Game :D IMHO
    The best games I've played and its easy. The graphics are the best. I beat it day before yesterday. Part III Chapter Eight.

    Heheh my 1st post!
  3. fx

    fx New Member

    I got it back on Sunday and finished it yesterday. Was a bit short but at least there are still the other levels to play to make the game harder.
  4. Neo

    Neo Administrator Staff Member

    OK i finally got it today.
    My progress so faris this. In 2 hours i am now into the 4th chapter. I cant figure out what the hell to do with the baseball bat or get out of this chapter. I even tried to jump out the window. Mental note never jump out the window, the sudden stop will kill you!!!
    Anyways the eyecandy is awsome, really if only based on the visuals its worth it.
    Hopefully they will build on it with expansion paks.
  5. Outlaw69

    Outlaw69 Banned

    I too am at the same point in the game as you Neo. I'll let you know what happens....last time I played was this morning...got blown away by some baddies with sawed-off shotguns sometime after picking up the baseball bat.
  6. Neo

    Neo Administrator Staff Member

    i'm upto chapter 13 now. Man this game is great. I really love it.
    It's been a while since i really wanted to play a game all the way thru...
    About damn time GOD
  7. Outlaw69

    Outlaw69 Banned

    slow down man..let me catch up. My nephew was telling me about a part in the game where he spent 2 hours just trying to figure out how to get out of a certain area...he cheated and skipped that part. I wonder what chapter he was talking about. He says I'll end up cheating too because that part is way to hard. We'll see.
  8. fx

    fx New Member

  9. Tanis Half-Halo

    Tanis Half-Halo New Member

    Who can't SPELL.:P
  10. freako104

    freako104 im a freak im so proud of that

    i bought the original i didnt get teh sequel yet. I did however get True Crime which i think youd like

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