Hyperlink patent case goes to court


Psycho Penguin
I remember reading about this case around a year ago, and that it was nocked back. Looks like its on again. The ramifications are in increase in costs to consumers like you and me, charged by our ISP's... Madness....



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If that thing takes off, we're all gonna be CHARGED the big one :eek:

A lot of us have links to other web sites in our sigs or in our member profiles... are we gonna be charged money because of it?

WTF are they thinking anyway?
You don't seriously think they'll ever win that lawsuite, do you?

It would be just as rediculous as patenting the word "hello".
Yeah, I want 5 bucks everytime someone says "hello" :rolleyes:
It are just lame people, who really should start thinking seriously about getting a life and stop waisting other people's time on these nonsense lawsuits.

My comment to them: grow up and start having a serious life...geez..


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Me neither, but imagine the chaos that would ensue, assuming for a moment that they won that lawsuit...

Technically, it WOULD be possible to bypass it by doing a <SPAN onclick="location.href='link location'">Link text</SPAN>

Ooh naughty, I'm a bad boy ;D