Holy Cow!!

so this is where everyone snuck off to! Everything has gone downhill at HWC since I was at bootcamp. I knew I shouldn't have gone!


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You just finished bootcamp? Military? Or some kind of management gimmick? I'd love to hear about it. FWIW, I'm ex NZ army, and curious to know somewhat about the US training and such.Feel free to contact me by ICQ, AIM, Email, or just here on the board.


Good to see you guys again Chewie & Mitch, don't be strangers k ;)
Hey guys. Yeah, Chewie, I just got out of Marine Corps bootcamp 2 weeks ago. I didn't graduate, though :(. I left mid February and less than 2 weeks into training I ended up with a stress fracture in my left tibia(shin). When you get injured they stick you in a separate platoon called MRP(Medical Rehabilitation Platoon) until you heal then they send you back to training. Well, my stress fracture was pretty bad and it wasn't healing properly. I was on crutches nearly the whole time I was there! They ended up sending me home for it. I could go back in 6 months or so, but the whole MRP thing ruined the whole military experience for me so I don't think I'm gonna step foot near a bootcamp again ;). The only cool part was before I got sent to MRP they issued M-16A2 rifles to us. Those things are small as hell and weigh 8lbs. Supposedly the guy who made the M16(Mr. Colt) designed it with women in mind. And 5.56 milimeter is small as hell, too. Barely bigger than .22 caliber. I wish they used Ak-47s instead. I'd rather be shooting a 7.62mm round any day. Does the NZ Army use M16s, also?


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yeh, don't worry, the .223 m16 can kill the hell out of anything. look at how big the shell casing is, lots of powder. i shot one a couple weeks ago, the 9mm version, and it was fun as hell. things that go boom rule. made me feel like i was 12 again.

anyway, welcome. have funtzig.

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Military man with a small gun?

Did you atleast get a sexy haircut? A uniform I can fantasize about?


Hey there..


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Military man with small gun...hehe...

My fav is the MP5, but I usually used the AG3. Dam old gun, but it never fail, not even at -35C.

Guys in uniforms..all I can offer is a pic with me and the rest of my team:

Mitch...good to see ya! You might wanna check out our new site, Hardware Analysis. Both me, Sander and Dan are there, and a few others from sites like SharkyExtreme etc.


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mmmmmm......something about men in uniform


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I've got that site in my favorites, Duckman. And, no, I didn't get far enough in training to get the haircut. All I got was the cammies, which I had to turn back in before I left :(.