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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by s4, Jun 3, 2001.

  1. s4

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    My Yamaha cdrw drive is noisy sometimes when it burns a cd. I haven't used it very much, and it was new a few months ago. In total, I've probably only made about 6 or 8 cds. Should a cdrw make a loud humming noise? The cd's seem to come out okay.

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  2. krusty

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    Do you know what tune it's humming

    Seriously I wouldn't imagine it should be making motor noise at any time really, have you approached the store where you purchased it, with this problem, get it replaced while you still can buddy.
  3. sin2

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    The new cdrom I got is noisy too. It's just depends on the design I guess.
  4. fury

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    Any optical drive faster than a dead turtle drowned in molasses will vibrate heavily when in use. It's just a matter of the design of the drive which will determine how much of a vibration you can sense.

    Both of my old 32x CD-ROM drives vibrated.

    My 6x DVD-ROM drive vibrated.

    My Sony 4x4x32 CD-RW drive vibrated. Loudly.

    Some drives are just better designed to handle it than others.

    You shouldn't worry about a consistent humming noise, but erratic noises that sound somewhat like grinding or clanking should be a concern.

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