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  1. fury

    Let's try this again

    I lost everything after February 22nd 2015. Sorry about that :( Hopefully I won't lose anything again. (Except my marbles) :beerbang:
  2. fury

    The steady decline of Apple's greatness

    Just read this article on Business Insider: Apple Is Following Microsoft's Path In Alarming Ways I have been thinking many of the same things as in this article. I have been impressed with Apple products for a long time now, and have been a customer several times as well. My user interface...
  3. fury

    Identity crisis

    So, this bored little hacker kid decides he wants my Twitter name, which was fury. He calls up Amazon, gets them to change my password, logs into my Amazon account and gets a few bits of my identifying info. He uses that to call Apple up and get them to change my password. From there, he can...
  4. fury

    Interruption in email

    So, if anyone but me was still using their email addresses, there was a previously inexplicable outage starting a few months ago. It is still mostly inexplicable, but I think it may have had something to do with me forgetting to blackhole emails sent to recipients that don't exist at...
  5. fury

    Adobe finally admits Flash sucks

    Took you long enough. I've been saying this since before the whole Flash vs. Apple debate was cool.
  6. fury

    Steve Jobs

    Steve Jobs 1955-2011 Here's to the crazy one. :beerbang: He was and still is one of the biggest inspirations and reasons for the work that I do, and a pretty high standard to meet. If I could live half as well as he did and die a fraction as well as he did, I will be pretty surprised. But then...
  7. fury

    I think I might have a few too many screens

    :beerbang: my desk at work
  8. fury

    XiBase is now mobile

    I have enabled a couple of mobile forum apps for XiBase, Tapatalk and Forum Runner. Forum Runner has a free app on Android and iPhone that supports reading, or a $2 app that supports posting Tapatalk has an app on just about everything, but it's $3 and up. I think more forums support Tapatalk...
  9. fury

    HP Touchpad

    HP doesn't know what to do with webOS and decided to sell off their inventory at a blazing $100-150. I finally picked one up after they've been so hard to find since, and have been geeking on for a few hours with it. Much like I saw with the original Pre in July '09, I can see some potential in...
  10. fury

    What does your web look like?

    Mozilla made a test that puts together a collage of your tech/geek/social personality. Basically yet another one of those personality quizzes. Here's mine: :beerbang: They got the wrong phone, though :p
  11. fury

    Programmers just want to have fun

    I saw this on stackoverflow while Googling for a C program that was shaped like a diamond and actually compiled and ran. Had a few laughs, mainly because some of the comments these guys write hit so close to home :p I frequently have no idea what I coded after I coded it and sit there wondering...
  12. fury

    That T-bird's still running, believe it or not

    It's been a while, but let me see if I can recall everything that's happened to it in the last 6 or 7 years... The odometer stopped counting up a few years ago at 192,335. It ticked up one mile randomly somewhere between then and now, and is sitting pretty at 192,336. My oil change sticker...
  13. fury

    Losing weight on low carb eating

    Wasn't sure whether I should put this here or in Form & Function, but yeah. I'm a proud proponent of low carb. Nothing but meat, eggs, cheese, fiber, and green veggies (well, ok, I'm still a sucker for sugar-free sodas and candies), and I'm down almost 60 lbs now. That's without even actively...
  14. fury

    What's your rig, v.2011

    Let's see if I remember how to do this... PC: AMD Phenom II X6 1055T @ 3.43ghz Coolermaster Hyper 212 Plus heatsink Biostar A880G+ Corsair Force 60 gig SSD HIS Radeon 5770, 940mhz core, 1350mhz memory (because, well, World of Warcraft and Quake Live don't tax it enough, but why the hell not?) 4...
  15. fury

    Standing desks vs. sitting desks

    I've recently become interested in turning my desk at home into a standing desk. I have a few reasons for this curiosity I sit at a desk at work, then come home and sit at a desk at home. Seems a little sedentary. I'm losing weight and trying to be fit (which I think are two different things)...
  16. fury

    Back in my day

  17. fury

    iPhone games

    I am horribly addicted just like all of the other 200 million sheep out there with iPhones and iPods and iPads. My current favorite timesuck involves RISK-like games on the iPhone/iPad, particularly Lux. This game runs on Mac and PC too, but it just feels like a natural on a touchscreen. I've...
  18. fury

    The times they are a-changin'

    So, after almost a year of talking about it, I've finally gone and done it. The site has been upgraded to XenForo, with a few new looks and a slight rearranging of the forums. This is, as always, a work in progress, and nothing is set in stone, so fetch some beer & pizza and watch the fireworks...
  19. fury

    Time for a change?

    Hi folks. I've been feeling a bit itchy lately and in the mood to tweak stuff (computers, programs, and sure, how about a website or two?). I have also become increasingly annoyed with Jelsoft's (and now vBulletin Solutions') stonewalling regarding the 4 vBulletin licenses I apparently do not...
  20. fury

    I got a job!

    I am now a Junior Software Engineer :beerbang: